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This month's edition of Giftkone News features wedding ideas for a Boho wedding as well as ideas for Royal Wedding Dresses. But first, let me say thank you for being here and sharing my usual website additions, improvements, and specials. On my Home-Plus page, there are new Pet Family gift ideas that can be customized with a name or short message.

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Figure Flattering Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Fashion has come so far for women, especially for plus size women. The days are over that you have to hide between oversized dark robes. Social media, body positive movement and the change of time have made it possible for plus size women to feel confident of how they dress and feel. Being plus size and a CocoMelody bride myself, I want to assure you that no matter what size you are, you will look absolutely stunning in your wedding dress on your big day! I promise!


†Style: #LD3932

Image by†Andria Lambert Photography

CocoMelody offers a wide range of sizing and styles. It does not matter if you are a size 0 or 28, if you are looking for an A-Line or Trumpet/Mermaid style, CocoMelody has you covered! Not only does CocoMelody offer this wide spectrum but if you want your dress to fit like a glove, custom sizing is also available! What I enjoyed the most about my wedding dress was that I was able to customize certain features of the dress. E.g. if you desire a closed back instead of an open back, CocoMelody can alter to your wishes. CocoMelody caters to you and wants you to look and feel your best. Personally I believe any style of dress looks great on any body type, there is something feminine, sweet and elegant about dresses of any style. If you would like to know more about the styles CocoMelody offers for plus size brides, please keep on reading.

†1.†A-Line Silhouette

A-Line wedding dresses gradually flare from the natural waist to the floor, floating from the thigh and giving you that airy fairy-like feeling. Further styles that fall under A-Line are Ball Gown and Princess, think big and poofy.


Styles ( from left to right): #B14A0052†#LD3832 #LD4902

Images by††( from left to right)†Beverley StudiosBreanne Bradshaw PhotographyHeatherlyphoto

2. Mermaid

Mermaid wedding dresses usually come with a corset closure which shows off all your curves. They hug your waist and hips and flare from your knees, which will give you that hourglass silhouette. I like to consider these the long version of cocktail dresses.



Image by†Nicole Schiessl Fotografie

3. Sheath/Column

Gowns in the style of Sheath/Column are cut to follow your bodyís natural shape, due to its straight lines it may also have a lengthening effect. This style is very contemporary and sleek.


Styles ( from left to right): #CWZT15008†#LD3734† #LD4722

Images by††( from left to right)Ginarelli PhotographyJaimedavisphoto††Markgreenstudios

4. Crop Top

If you think crop tops are a thing from the 90ís, then look again! Crop tops can be very flattering and can accentuate a small waist. Although these dresses might look like two individual pieces, they are usually connected by a very sheer fabric to keep everything in place. This is great for those who want to show some midriff but not too much.

5. Asymmetrical

Although one might not see it often, asymmetrical wedding dresses are still out there. Asymmetrical does not necessarily mean high and low cuts, which have certainly become a trend in the last years but also mean a lot of layering.


Style: #CWLT16003

Image by†Jessica Cunningham Photography

Magazines, commercials, social media etc. can try to put you in a box and dictate what you should wear but at the end of the day, it is all about you and the confidence and happiness you want to showcase, especially on a day as special as your wedding! Do not let rules define you, embrace yourself and be as glamorous as you want to be, because true beauty comes from within!

Romantic Calligraphy Monogram Photo Wedding All In One InvitationRomantic Calligraphy Monogram Photo Wedding All In One Invitation

Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Murphy's Law often comes off on the most important days, doesn't it? Your wedding is no exception. You may have your dream lace wedding dress fitted and ready but emergencies can transpire anytime. So now you need to take a closer look at those "few items you might just need".

What can you possibly stand in need of to make it through the day with a composed appearance, clean look, and relaxed smile? Itís time to grab a pen and paper and make a list of things you must have in your wedding day emergency kit.


Organize your kit in a carryall

The first thing you would need is a carryall bag large enough to carry all of your essentials for the big day. You may want to choose a bag with ample space and one that goes along with your wedding colors. You can then organize your kit and keep the bag someplace where you wonít forget to carry it with you. Making your bag extra special can be part of the ceremonial fun. If you decide to acquire a personalized bag with your name, initials or wedding monogram, you need to do this well ahead of time. You can also go for a small carry-on style case which is pulled along on wheels. Choose a bag with useful compartments so itís easy to find what you are looking for when itís quickly needed. You can have your maid of honor be in charge of putting this kit together or perhaps just bringing it to your bridal dressing room.


Image by†simon.from the smiths photography

Making your list

Some items on your list are easy to remember, such as hair combs, hairpins, safety pins, hair spray or gel, hand lotion, and an extra tube of lipstick. Others are easier to forget, so keep a checklist in your purse and add items as you remember them.

Clothing: Getting hold of a sewing kit and collection of thread colors that match your various outfits, your wedding gown, your bridesmaid dresses, and your groom's attire will help when a button, hook or small tear turns up, making them easy to quickly fix. For other issues, pack crazy glue, extra buttons, and clear nail polish for pantyhose runs. Better yet, pack a few extra pairs of pantyhose stockings, for you and your bridesmaids. Other items to consider bringing are a stain remover and white chalk for cleaning any last minute smudges on your dress. Pins, scissors, and hem tape can also be lifesavers in the dressing rooms.


Image by†michelle valantine photography

Beauty and personal: Stash away your preferred cosmetics including nail polish in the bridal colors as well as an additional hairbrush and a compact mirror. Consider packing breath mints, toothpick, floss, and a nail file. If you wear contacts, bring any cleaners or eye drops to keep the red out during dry, sunny or windy weather. Subject to what jewelry you plan to carry, you may need extra earring backs and a timepiece to keep track of time.

Little extras: You never know what might take place - particularly on a fast-tracked wedding day. Come prepared and ahead of schedule. Carry extra cash, change for meters or phone numbers for a local cab company. Do not lose sight of copies of contracts and wedding vendor contact information. Dropping in a bottle of headache-relieving tablets and a few healthy, energy snacks will keep you feeling alert.

Start compiling your list a few weeks before your wedding and have your carryall and emergency kit ready weeks beforehand. Asking other newlyweds about what they wished they would have called to mind on their wedding day is a brilliant idea, too. You may come up with some items not pointed out here or those which you never would think about on your own.

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