What does loving yourself mean?

In its basic form self-love is an appreciation for oneself that comes from the actions we take to support our own mental, physical and spiritual growth. The act of developing a high regard for your own happiness and wellbeing by doing what is necessary to take care of yourself. Some of the signs of self-love are you free yourself from negative people in your life and value time alone with yourself. You become more comfortable with your own body, and stop worrying about other people's opinions of you. The byproduct of loving yourself is a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence. People who have love and respect for themselves tend to take better care of themself and overall feel happier.

If you find it difficult to love and generate good feelings about yourself it could be because to do so brings you face to face with your worst enemy, yourself. Whatever your guilt or shame about yourself is the way you treat someone, the way you feel about a body part, or body parts unless you deal directly with the issue you will never truly accept yourself. In some cases building a good and healthy relationship with yourself can be as simple as practicing good hygiene. Most important of all get enough sleep. Live healthily, get some exercise, eat healthily and stay away from drugs and alcohol. See and spend time with friends and try to do something you enjoy every day.

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You should always know that in a world where you may feel that no one else loves you that negativity can be canceled when no matter what, you can still say that you love yourself. Just offer yourself the same amount of kindness you sometimes offer the world and make it a point to practice self-respect and self-acceptance. Dwelling on your weaknesses is not self-respect, recognizing your strengths is an important step on the road to self-respect. Even if you're already in a relationship, working on yourself can lead to personal growth. Especially if your relationship is one in which you feel secure. It is possible to work on yourself and evolve when you are in a committed relationship. Most healthy relationships grow in that way.

Accepting and understanding self-love in a relationship is helpful because it helps set the tone for how you want to be treated in your relationship. When you treat yourself with compassion and respect others will treat you the same. This can be done by taking a break from self-judgment, trusting yourself and being nice, and above all being truthful, refer and talking about yourself with love.

Middle eastern cuisine is a broad term that encompasses different cooking styles from a number of different countries. Greek, Arabian Moroccan, Syrian, – the various cuisines that have many differences, yet share so much.

A celebration of life best describes the food of the Middle East. No matter which country, the staples are the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow in the hills. The spices and flavorings of Middle Eastern food are those that awaken the senses, sparkling against the thicker, richer tastes of the main ingredients. Mints, lemon, garlic, rosemary – all with fresh, astringent qualities that cleanse the palate and refresh the taste buds. Throughout the region, the cuisine varies – but these things remain the: fresh ingredients, astringent and piquant spices, olive oil, and little meat remain the same.

When it comes to Lebanese dishes the tiny country – is about the size of Connecticut and nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, at the very crook of the Fertile Crescent. Its contributions to the cuisine of the entire Middle Eastern region of the world are unmistakable. The flavors that spice the foods of all the surrounding lands can be found here in abundance. Olive oil, lemon, garlic, and mint are all part of Lebanese cuisine and are featured in staples such as kibbeh (ground lamb with bulghur wheat) and tabouleh (parsley, mint, and bulghur wheat salad). The food is simply prepared, with the flavors blending together into a complex medley of earthy, fruity tastes and scents.

Syrian If Syria had contributed nothing else to the world cuisine but pita bread and hummus, it would still be worthy of note. There’s far more to the cuisine of this small Middle Eastern country, though. Baba ganoush (pureed eggplant), stuffed olives and figs, peppers in olive oil – Syrian food celebrates the fruits of the earth and blends them to bring out the textures and flavors in surprising ways. Shish kebab and rice pilaf are two of the more well-known dishes, and while most people think of Greece when they hear baklava, the Syrian claim that it is based on their own dessert of batwala.

Arabian The Bedouin of the desert once based their diets on dates and yoghurt with the occasional camel or goat to provide meat. Over the centuries, the nomadic tribes incorporated spices, meats and vegetables from other cultures into their cuisine. Today’s Arabian cuisine is a mingling of influences from India, Lebanon and further west. Lamb is the meat most often used in cooking, and it is prepared in a number of ways including shish kebab, spit-roasted, or stewed. The cuisine relies heavily on mint, turmeric, saffron, garlic and sesame. Rice and kasha are the most commonly consumed grains, and the spicing is fresh and astringent – meant to awaken and refresh the palate rather than burn it out.

Throughout the Mediterranean Middle East, the cultures and people have intermingled and carried with them their foods and traditions of eating. In no other place in the world can there be found a blending of cultures that has mingled so much – yet maintained such distinct, national flavors. Healthful, fresh, delicious and life-enhancing, it’s little wonder that the cuisine of the Middle East is among the most popular with diners the world over.

6 Lovely Lace Wedding Dress Ideas

Are you pregnant yet you are about to tie the knot? Congratulations, bride-to-be and mom-to-be too! If you’re going to carry a little one up to the altar, you can’t simply choose a regular bridal gown. So what to do? Don’t get worked up! There are a lot of maternity bridal gowns that you can come by in the market these days.


Here are the top 8 dresses for the wedding that are the most in demand and the most picked by pregnant brides.

1. A-lineSilhouette of A-line dress style is represented as a tapered top flaring towards the bottom and just looks like capital alphabet 'A'. The flare of A-line wedding dresses delicately falls over wide hips and thighs and smooths out the lines of bottom part by concealing them. On top of that, the fitted top draws attention upward, away from the bottom part. So naturally, A-line dresses are exquisitely complementary to pregnant brides.

2. LaceIf you want to achieve that delicate and feminine yet sexy look for your wedding day, there is no other way to do it than by donning a lace dress. The elaborate and elegant design elements of lace wedding dress make it very captivating and graceful. Whether used as a simple accent or put on from head to toe, you would look simply breathtaking showing off your baby bump in a quintessential and timeless lace wedding dress.

3. Long sleevesAs a pregnant bride, you’d want to draw eyes to your upper body and arms rather than your bump or full hips. A long sleeve wedding dress has one essential objective and that is to draw attention to your top bits. So if you want your dress to suggest an exceptionally modest and elegant appearance, a long sleeve wedding dress is exactly what you need.


4. Backless With that growing belly, nothing can ever stop you from wearing a backless bridal dress. This dress style will express your feminine side and will make you look gorgeous. Opting for a low-cut bridal gown is one way you can see to it that your wedding dress looks straight out of a fairytale.

5. Sweetheart neckline The depth of the plunge in the center of the sweetheart neckline accentuates the curves of a fuller bust and creates curves for brides with a smaller bust. The plunging design also serves to lengthen the neck, making you appearance taller and thinner. This wedding dress style is flattering on just about every frame, making it one of the most sought-after styles for maternity bridal gowns. 

6. CorsetWhen fashion trends never stray away from the figure-flattering silhouette wedding dresses, corset wedding gowns always fit into the latest fashion sense. These dresses make it easy for pregnant brides to adjust their waistline and conceal their baby bump. And that’s why they become one of the favorites among pregnant brides.

7. Empire waistWe all know that empire waist dresses look absolutely gorgeous on pregnant women. The good side with this dress is that it has a waistline beneath your chest and the skirt fans out thus covering your belly. In addition to easily concealing your baby bump, it's also effortless to move in it

8. Short dress You can also opt for a short dress as it will make you look the cutest bride ever. It’s also a good alternative as it’ll keep you comfortable with all the extra heating because of your little one. You can find many attractive dresses with this style – just stay away from high heels!


These are some of the best dresses if you have a little one on the way and are heading up the aisle soon. You can choose any style you want to be dressed in for your wedding. If you plan to conceal the growing belly, it is better that you don't do it by adding a lot of fabrics and making the gown "balloon" as this will only make you look even bigger. It is always good that you stay simple and keep the details of your wedding gown very minimal. We say- why hide your bump, when you can flaunt it?

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, but it obviously won't be if you can't fit in your dress or don't feel comfortable wearing it. You can find gorgeous wedding dresses online that complement your body shape and type and make you feel at ease and radiant. As long as you’re relaxed and you feel pretty in your dress, you’ll look stunning on your big day.

Having intimate weddings in a City Hall is one of the hottest wedding trends for this year. Of course, these are not quick weddings done on a lunch break, as the old stereotypes implied. A City Hall wedding can, in fact, be very chic, elegant, and modern.

A City Hall is truly a wonderful place to have your wedding ceremony. It is convenient, inexpensive and available year-round. But there are still some things that need to be done in advance for a stress-free wedding celebration. We are here to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide to getting married at a City Hall. Follow these steps and ensure your big day goes exactly how you planned.


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1. Choose your location

All City Halls are special in their own way. So the only standard criteria applicable here is the location. Once you have singled out a City Hall on the basis of its location, though, there are a number of excellent places to get married within the City Hall itself. Whether you want to have your ceremony in the rotunda or on the balcony, you can pay a little extra and arrange for these spots to tie the knot exactly where you want to.  

2. Make reservations

You are going to have to make two bookings. The first one is to make a reservation for a time to obtain your marriage license at City Hall. While you are there, you might as well book your wedding date. It is highly recommended that you pick up your license ahead of the day of the actual ceremony, or else it will add an element of stress that is not really needed.

3. Hire a professional wedding photographer

If you are going to get married at a stunning venue like a City Hall, you need to have excellent photos taken. If you think you are going to accomplish this with one of your friends who is "really good with a camera", think again! City Hall wedding photography can be rather challenging with its changing light and tough angles. Therefore, it is advisable that you hire someone who has a decent experience shooting weddings at City Hall. There are quite a few good ones out there, just search on Google or Yelp.


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4. Put together your guest list

How many people do you look forward to witnessing your vows? If the answer is more than a few, then you may want to consider other venues. City Halls have limited capacity and if you bring in too many guests, you will most likely intrude on others who are having their ceremony around the same time as yours. On the other hand, if it is your heart's desire to have no more than your dearest friends or family at your wedding ceremony, then City Hall is a great option. It is also an excellent way to cut down on your guest list to a select few without hurting anyone else's feelings.

5. Dress up

The ceremony at a City Hall is, more often than not, non-religious and quite brief. But this does not imply that you cannot treat the ceremony like the auspicious occasion that it is. The traditional ensemble for a City Hall bride was a white wedding gown worn with a little hat and tasteful pearl bridal jewelry. But the modern version of the City Hall bridal ensemble tends to be more in vogue – with more brides opting for chic and trendy wedding dresses like lace wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, long sleeve wedding dresses, to name a few.


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6. Plan for your big day

Bring your IDs and the marriage license! You will also need a witness. If you do not have anyone, your photographer can be your witness. The state only insists on one. Check-in for your ceremony at least 10 minutes ahead of the actual time. You should plan on reaching the City Hall no less than 30 minutes prior to check in to give you a moment to settle in.

City Hall weddings are truly unique and amazingly beautiful. There cannot be a better place for you to start your new life with your significant other than this. With the above-mentioned tips and ideas, you can be sure to not get worked up on your big day and enjoy it like it should be!

Congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you all the love the Lord has to give on this day and always! Best wishes to an amazing couple!

At this moment, while you are still immersing in joy and happiness, one of your primary concerns may bring you back to the reality - how to plan a wedding on a budget for your big day?

I believe, as wedding is one of the most important events in your life, you definitely want to have a unique, memorable wedding. That means your wedding budget plan needs to be perfect in details.

Don’t worry! As long as you follow the steps below, you’ll get your ideal budget efficiently.

Let’s begin now!

1. Have a talk

Having a money conversation with your partner and family is significant before making a budget! Here are some Q&A examples for you.


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How much can you comfortably afford?

At the very beginning, you may need to set a total budget, and it is entirely up to you. If you and your bridegroom are leading a well-off living and want to pay for the wedding, then you can just save enough money in your credit card; if not, talk about how much money you expect to save after this wedding. Moreover, if your family is ready to contribute to the pay, ask your family members politely what they can deal with. 

What are the important things to you?

Take out a piece of paper and write down the top 3 items respectively with your bridegroom. Compare with each other, eliminate the same things and save the differences. This list enables you to clarify where to spend big money unswervingly and where to cut down.

What is your style preference?

Figure out what kind of wedding style is your love. Maybe you can combine your favorite elements of styles together and make a DIY wedding. You can DIY wedding decorations, stationery, invitations, cakes and nearly everything you want. DIY can save your budget and add more attracting details to your wedding.

Referring to the wedding style, there are certain items that may need to be carefully considered: The wedding season, venue, ritual style and wedding theme etc. For example, if you choose to host a wedding on beach during July-August, you might consider beach wedding dresses with chic sandy ceremony. “Beach”, “Western themed” etc, information like these could give you a support to clear your mind of confusion.


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2. Set your breakdown of your wedding budget

When you already have a total budget in mind, it’s time to determine your wedding budget percentages. Here, some listed items are provided as references (mainly focus on your own preference).

Food and Venue (45%)

Alcohol and Drinks (5%)

Flowers and Decoration (10%)

Hair and Makeups (3%)

Outfits (10%)

Photography (10%)

Music and Entertainment (9%)

Others (8%)

This worksheet can assist you in allocating the budget on the basis of the potential cost. Besides, this table casts light on the causes of over-expenditure or balance, and then enables you to distribute the money saved from one project to others.

3. Check your guest list

The number of guests does play an important part in your budget. Dear, as you may already be aware, the more people you invite, the more money has to be expensed. Sometimes, less is more. Before the final confirmation list is done, make sure those picked out persons are irreplaceable.

4. Learn from the married friends

Friends who have got married are experienced in dealing with wedding services companies. They know where the traps and the recommending companies (like CocoMelody) are. Talk to them and listen to their views. I think you may benefit a lot from them.

5. Revise your budget as you go

Plans never catch up with changes. To get the best deals, you may consider the hidden expenses or discounts into your budget. For instance, you just come across some fancy discount designer wedding dresses. On this occasion, a high budget setting for the dress can be saved. Or occasionally, you make the acquaintance of a photographer whose cinematographer style suits your taste, but asks for a higher payment. Making a nice budget doesn’t mean it can’t be adjustable. After all, your wedding happens in real life, but not in a script where things are always settled down.


Image Credit: Abbey Armstrong Photography

After reading the article, do you have your own wedding budget design now? Hope it is helpful for you. May you have a satisfactory wedding and an unforgettable memory for life!

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