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Tips For A Rainy-Day Wedding

We all know that catchy line "It's like rain on your wedding day" from the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette, but only a few women actually plan a wedding that will include rain. The reality, on the other hand, reveals something different - there are many women who said 'yes' not paying attention to the pouring rain, and yet they had a wonderful wedding. How is this possible?

The first thing you need to do in order to pull through the rain on your big day is to avoid feeling low because of this and stop picturing yourself jumping over puddles of mud, struggling not to ruin your wedding dress. Even if you didn't forecast the rain, you can still walk down the aisle and shine while dressed in your perfect mermaid wedding dress - you won't have to wear an ugly raincoat. Nevertheless, to avoid being taken aback by the rainy weather on your wedding day, you need to plan everything in advance. Here are a few tips for you to not just survive but make the most of your rainy day wedding.


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Image Credit: Sarah Irvin Photography

1. Rainproof your wedding venue

You can either plan your wedding indoors, which is one of the best things to do if you want to make sure rain stays outside your wedding reception - like an uninvited guest. However, if you have chosen an outdoor venue, make sure it also has indoor facilities. If the heavens do open, make arrangements for the ceremony and the reception to be inside. In case there is no indoor facility in the venue, make sure there are at least tents and canopies available or take it upon yourself to have them ready if the weather looks bad.

2. Keep your hair and makeup intact

If you want to rock a ponytail and no makeup at all, it’s perfectly acceptable. But if you don’t want the damp conditions to ruin your million dollar looks, make sure you know how to deal with your make-up and hair just in case it drizzles. Pop off to the retail outlet to stock up on waterproof products. Get yourself water-resistant mascara, a humidity-defying cream blush, and that brolly! You can also talk with a professional hair and make-up stylist or refer to magazines and blogs for some handy tips.


Image Credit: Sonya Francis Photography

3. One dress is not enough

After a months-long search, you have finally found your dream ball gown wedding dress, and the last thing you would want to do is drag it through muddy puddles. Why not have a lace wedding dress as well? Is this a wee bit excessive to have two dresses? Well, maybe. Is it an absolutely fun way to indulge your every whim on the most wonderful day of your life? Totally! Having two wedding gowns means you do not have to get in a lather about escaping in a bit of a rainfall, even if it means your dress getting somewhat damp. You always have a spare one!

4. Make the most of your wedding pictures

What could be more romantic than a portrait session in the rain? Picture having photographs in your lovely A-line wedding dress cuddled up under an umbrella with your man! If you are willing to step out in the showers, then you can get some spectacular wedding portraits. Don’t worry about your snapper, professional camera equipment is weather sealed and clothes dry!


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Image Credit: Schneider Family Photography

5. Accessorize

Accessorizing is an excellent way to make the most of the weather if there is a torrent of rain. Be it colorful umbrellas for your bridesmaids, or wellington boots for you to change into if you decide to splash in the puddles. You can also carry a gorgeous wrap or a blanket to keep you warm and to complement your already perfect look. Who cares about the rain?

6. Embrace the rain

When all is said and done, try not to get worked up about the downpour at all. Instead of driving yourself crazy putting in weeks before your big day checking the weather forecast, let it rain and focus on a great time with your man. After all, you only marry once!


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Image Credit: Blush Photography

Rain is considered to be a good sign, owing to the fact that it’s said to bring blessings. It is also believed to represent a new day, washing away all the things bad. In some cultures, you can also find a connection between rain and fertility. Contrary to a popular belief that rain brings drops from the sky, symbolizing sorrow and misfortune for the future couple, rain is actually a pretty good sign for a wedding. So, enjoy your big day and don't let the weather ruin it.

Wedding Day Wishes .. CardWedding Day Wishes .. Card

Wedding Day Wishes .. CardWedding Day Wishes .. Card

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St. Patrick's Day Bridal Shower InvitationSt. Patrick's Day Bridal Shower Invitation

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Rainy Day Bridal Shower InvitationRainy Day Bridal Shower Invitation

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How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget

Congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you all the love the Lord has to give on this day and always! Best wishes to an amazing couple!

At this moment, while you are still immersing in joy and happiness, one of your primary concerns may bring you back to the reality - how to plan a wedding on a budget for your big day?

I believe, as wedding is one of the most important events in your life, you definitely want to have a unique, memorable wedding. That means your wedding budget plan needs to be perfect in details.

Don’t worry! As long as you follow the steps below, you’ll get your ideal budget efficiently.

Let’s begin now!

1. Have a talk

Having a money conversation with your partner and family is significant before making a budget! Here are some Q&A examples for you.


Image Credit: Theresa Bridget Photography

How much can you comfortably afford?

At the very beginning, you may need to set a total budget, and it is entirely up to you. If you and your bridegroom are leading a well-off living and want to pay for the wedding, then you can just save enough money in your credit card; if not, talk about how much money you expect to save after this wedding. Moreover, if your family is ready to contribute to the pay, ask your family members politely what they can deal with. 

What are the important things to you?

Take out a piece of paper and write down the top 3 items respectively with your bridegroom. Compare with each other, eliminate the same things and save the differences. This list enables you to clarify where to spend big money unswervingly and where to cut down.

What is your style preference?

Figure out what kind of wedding style is your love. Maybe you can combine your favorite elements of styles together and make a DIY wedding. You can DIY wedding decorations, stationery, invitations, cakes and nearly everything you want. DIY can save your budget and add more attracting details to your wedding.

Referring to the wedding style, there are certain items that may need to be carefully considered: The wedding season, venue, ritual style and wedding theme etc. For example, if you choose to host a wedding on beach during July-August, you might consider beach wedding dresses with chic sandy ceremony. “Beach”, “Western themed” etc, information like these could give you a support to clear your mind of confusion.


Image Credit: Jswedding Photographysydney

2. Set your breakdown of your wedding budget

When you already have a total budget in mind, it’s time to determine your wedding budget percentages. Here, some listed items are provided as references (mainly focus on your own preference).

Food and Venue (45%)

Alcohol and Drinks (5%)

Flowers and Decoration (10%)

Hair and Makeups (3%)

Outfits (10%)

Photography (10%)

Music and Entertainment (9%)

Others (8%)

This worksheet can assist you in allocating the budget on the basis of the potential cost. Besides, this table casts light on the causes of over-expenditure or balance, and then enables you to distribute the money saved from one project to others.

3. Check your guest list

The number of guests does play an important part in your budget. Dear, as you may already be aware, the more people you invite, the more money has to be expensed. Sometimes, less is more. Before the final confirmation list is done, make sure those picked out persons are irreplaceable.

4. Learn from the married friends

Friends who have got married are experienced in dealing with wedding services companies. They know where the traps and the recommending companies (like CocoMelody) are. Talk to them and listen to their views. I think you may benefit a lot from them.

5. Revise your budget as you go

Plans never catch up with changes. To get the best deals, you may consider the hidden expenses or discounts into your budget. For instance, you just come across some fancy discount designer wedding dresses. On this occasion, a high budget setting for the dress can be saved. Or occasionally, you make the acquaintance of a photographer whose cinematographer style suits your taste, but asks for a higher payment. Making a nice budget doesn’t mean it can’t be adjustable. After all, your wedding happens in real life, but not in a script where things are always settled down.


Image Credit: Abbey Armstrong Photography

After reading the article, do you have your own wedding budget design now? Hope it is helpful for you. May you have a satisfactory wedding and an unforgettable memory for life!

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Some Creative Ways To Include Kids In Your Wedding

If you come from a big family, will be marrying into one or have friends that have children, you know that babies, toddlers and teens are a given. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming with all the screaming, giggling and crying, especially on day as important as your wedding. Often the attention span of your little guests only lasts for a few seconds or at best a few minutes which is not a lot considering that a wedding ceremony usually lasts an entire day. So until the time comes where the adults can have a little break and the little ones are being attending by a childcare provider, here are six creative and fun ways to include your young guests in your wedding ceremony!

1. Flower Girl

A cute way to include a little girl in your wedding ceremony is to appoint her as flower girl. The age range can be anywhere from 4 to 8 years of age. Little girls love the idea of being close to the bride, who they possibly see as a princess in such a beautiful wedding gown, as well as scattering flowers down the aisle like a fairy.

appoint a cute little girl as flower girl

Image Credit: Brooke Guiton Photography

2. Ring Bearer

Thinking about having a little boy as a ring bearer is very common, especially if you have a young nephew or maybe a son of your own. The perfect age range can be between 4 and 8 years of age. Little boys enjoy the idea of carrying a very precious treasure to the bride and groom.

a little boy as a ring bearer


3. Bouquet Holder

You might have thought to yourself, what you should do with your bouquet once you have arrived at the end of the aisle; it could be in the way when it is time to exchange the rings. This is when a bouquet holder comes in handy. This task can be for a little boy or girl, who will already be waiting for you at the end of aisle. This way your hands will be free during the ceremony but do not be surprised if some petals are missing!

a little girl as a bouquet holder

Image Credit: TK Photographers

4. Reader

Although you and your groom will be the ones to read the vows, maybe you would like to include a young family member or family friend to read a passage about marriage or a little insight of love. This task might be something for older kids, who can read and are not afraid to speak in front of people.

5. Escorting the Bride

Traditionally the father or in some rare cases the future father in law (see Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding) walk the bride down the aisle but there isn’t a reason why your child or another family member can’t escort you.

6. Usher

If you are expecting a lot of guests or having an extensive ceremony, an usher can come in hand. A young usher can help guests to their seats, pass out programs and much more. Due to the responsibility of this task, it is recommended that the usher is between the age of 9-13.

young ushers with happy groom and bride

Image Credit: Williams Photography

Keeping children entertained at a wedding ceremony is not an easy task but it is not impossible. Many kids love playing an “important” role, no matter how big or small the task is. It gives them the feeling of belonging to the big kids and giving them a chance to show that they are capable of being responsible of something. Little girls will have sparkling eyes for the bride and little boys will want to be gentlemen like the groom. Having children attend your wedding is certainly special because it allows you to look at things from a different perspective and enjoy the tiniest things in life!

When We Were Age Table NumbersWhen We Were Age Table Numbers

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