**DECEMBER 2017****

Giftkone News
Giftkone News

Happy Holidays from Giftkone News by this time I hope all your Christmas shopping is already done and that you are feeling good about having found that perfect gift for the very special person you know. I wanted to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has made a purchase from Giftkone this year and to give you some idea of what will be coming up in the Giftkone online store. Be on the lookout for some cool coupons and gift offers planned for 2018 especially for returning customers especially. In my opinion, you deserve special thanks. If you have taken the time to sign up with Giftkone, effectively cutting your order time in half by using fewer clicks and the ability to make changes to your personal information, I thank you! For those of you who have supported Giftkone with your purchases this year upcoming discount features are meant to not only thank you for buying from Giftkone but to also reward you with even more savings on the collectibles and keepsakes you like.

Back in the year 2002, the Las Vegas Team of Siegfried and Roy decorated the Las Vegas Strip with their Cows on Parade Exhibit. We offer one of the Cows on Parade collectible, keepsakes here at Giftkone. The Cows on Parade, Las Vegas version features a miniature cow figure in a glamorous cape befitting of a Las Vegas stage.

Each Cow on Parade figurine is a true collectible and come stamped with the kind of useful information all collector like. The item number and the number that tells you just where your Cows on Parade number and place in the limited production creation of this unique collectible.

Add to, or start your own Cows on Parade collection with the Cows on Parade Las Vegas Cows on Parade sculpture offered right here on Giftkone for collectors.

About our Personal Information

Donít know if youíve heard about the gigantic security breach that occurred at the credit monitoring website Equifax but thatís just the reason Giftkone is careful when it comes to protecting the personal information we receive from our customers to make sure that your order makes it directly to you and your address. From the number of possible people involved I estimate that the chances or you being an Equifax member or knowing someone who is a member is high enough for me to feel like sharing the following information.

While reading about the breakdown in security at Equifax I learned that Equifax is offering free credit monitoring to those who think their account may have been compromised. The problem I saw was that accepting the free credit monitoring also disqualified you from participating in any class action lawsuit information that might arise out of the major security breakdown recently admitted to by Equifax. Be sure to read carefully any agreement you decide to participate in and keep in mind that the potential problems created by this credit breach could be very slow in unfolding or showing up in your credit history.

Who knows where the stolen personal information taken from Equifax ended up, or exactly when that information will be used, so if you are an Equifax member, and you learn that your Equifax account is amongst the personal credit information that was tampered with, you might think about putting a freeze on your credit information at all three credit reporting agencies, order a copy of your credit report, and from here on out include yourself in the checking of the personal credit report information you left up to Equifax.

This note is not meant to brand Equifax as a bad company, the service they provide is very useful but I canít say the same about their internet security. Hopefully, the saying, what doesnít kill you makes you stronger applies to Equifax and that Equifax security has learned how to prevent hackers from invading our privacy through their site, in the future.


For those of you who like the video game Garden Warfare, or Plants vs Zombie you will enjoy the new Zombie Boy and Girl Push Puppets just added to the Toy's page. The push button on the bottom of the base allows you to awaken them from the dead, or rather make them come alive with movement. I like these cool little Zombie collectible characters. Take your pick, boy zombie, or girl-zombie sold separately and together.

Railroad and Roadway Play Tape

Just added to the Toys page are two different kinds of Play Tape. One tape lets you lay down a roadway for playtime cars and trucks, to be hand driven on and the other lets you lay down Play Tape Railroad track also for fun playtime experience for a young imagination.

Giftkone News written by Hank Gray