**February 2018****

Giftkone News
Giftkone News

Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns for your up-coming sewing project x5, five different sewing pattern sets in one order. Features are women’s dresses and skirts as well as children’s outfit patterns. There are three different set of five patterns this is only one of them. This five pattern set included 1724a little girls dress pattern, 2378 Sewing for Dummies little girls dress pattern, 2373 women's dress pattern, 1591 women's skirt pattern, and 1612 women's dress pattern choose this pattern collection or one of the other group of sewing pattern for your own sewing project or as a gift for the handmade garment love you know.

Prayer Mug

The prayer mug is just one of the really neat things offered on the Inspirational Collectibles page there is also a cool collection of inspirational gospel, or church, music on the same page and other interesting inspiration item for you to choose from for yourself, or as a gift for someone you want to bring a smile to in the form of an inspirational keepsake. This page is scheduled to grow in the coming months so please check this page out again if you don’t see anything of interest on this visit.

Temptations Review

Besides the Temptations Review, live show on DVD, and the three-in-one DVD vintage Science Fiction space movies there are lots of music CD on the Music CDs and DVDs page. Vintage, R&B and Disco music from the late 80s early 90’s with CD music selections that go all the way back to the 50’s and 60’s, especially for the music lovers from the 50s, and 60’s.


For the make everything old---new again crowd or the lover of mechanical looking baubles to decorate your handmade sewing or jewelry projects. I have just added some decorative gears to the sewing gift’s page to embellish your homemade garments and jewelry projects. To be more exact, I just added some Steampunk style embellishments to the Sewing Extras part of the Sewing Gifts page. These little gears make really neat mechanical embellishments for handmade earrings, bracelets, or necklaces you want to add a little Steampunk theme, and these cute little machine parts can also be added to your sewing projects. The tiny gears come in two different materials, metal and wood and a variety of tiny sizes the largest about the size of a large round button. See all of the details for these Steampunk theme items by visiting the Sewing Gifts page, and selecting Sewing Extras.

News Flash!

The Robot Figurines located on the Toys page that have been missing in action and marked “Out of Stock” have returned! All three of the Battle Robot Figurines are once more available to join your robot collection. The supply is limited, and there is no guarantee this particular robot item can be replaced once this supply is gone so if you’re looking for the perfect Robot Figurine gift for the Mec-Warrior lover you know, or looking to add to your own mechanical fighting warrior collection please stop by the Toys page before these robot warriors disappear from stock again.

Halo 3 Video Game Collectibles

This month on the Halo 3 Trading Post page we’re having a 20% Off Sale. If you’d like to add a Halo 3 wristbands; button, pin, or military style dog tags for Halo 3 video game collection of Halo Wars collectibles now would be a good time to take advantage of savings waiting for you on the Halo Trading Post page. Visit the Halo Trading Post page, make your selection and at checkout type in the coupon code shown at the end of this note to claim your saving. Use coupon feb181 at checkout. The offer, expires Feb 15th, 2018.

On the African Art Page

In honor of Black History Month, the African Art page is having a 15% off sale that will last until the end of Black History Month or until supplies run out, whichever comes first. Newly added to the African Art page is the new Juneteenth Day 1 line of Juneteenth collectibles and keepsakes in the form of pins, buttons, necklace and a Juneteenth Journal to chronical notable family events and family member, past and present. Make notes of your Juneteenth Day Celebration experiences as well as any other notable moments with this 5 inches x 8 inches, 160 page, wire-bound Juneteenth Journal. Professionally printed heavy front cover and flexible plastic back available along with all of the other, Juneteenth Day 1, item found on the African Arts page. At checkout type in coupon code feb182 to receive your 15% Off saving, this offer expires Feb 27th, 2018.