**SEPTEMBER 2017****

Giftkone News
Giftkone News

Back in the year 2002, the Las Vegas Team of Siegfried and Roy decorated the Las Vegas Strip with their Cows on Parade Exhibit. We offer one of the Cows on Parade collectible, keepsakes here at Giftkone. The Cows on Parade, Las Vegas version features a miniature cow figure in a glamorous cape befitting of a Las Vegas stage. Each Cow on Parade figurine is a true collectible and come stamped with the kind of useful information all collector like. The item number and the number that tells you just where your Cows on Parade number and place in the limited production creation of this unique collectible. Add to, or start your own Cows on Parade collection with the Cows on Parade Las Vegas Cows on Parade sculpture offered right here on Giftkone for collectors.

Pay Pal Purchase info

Pay Pal purchasing assistance is available on the Giftkone homepage. That's right Pay Pal offers a line of credit available for the purchase of items on this website, and thousands of other places as well. It's also available for purchases on Giftkone eBay and plenty of other online shopping spots and best of all this Pay Pal credit line come with the same flexibility and security you've come to expect from Pay Pal. The way it works is at checkout you are given the choice to pay in full now or spread your payment over time. To get an answer in seconds is, simple answer two questions, and agreeing to the terms. Click on the words, Get More Time, at the bottom of the Giftkone homepage to learn more.

Colorful Wallets

A little inside news that will be useful to those who visit the Women's Gift page on this site the Colorful ladies wallet collection for ladies and little ladies price will increase this month, so if you've been thinking about adding one of the colorful little wallets to your collection now would be a great time to revisit the Women's Gift page and do a little early gift shopping.

Jewelry News

We are down to the last three 14K Gold plated heart suspended in a circle necklace. This is a really good looking piece of jewelry with sparkling Swarovski crystals mounted around the golden heart so if you're thinking about adding to your jewelry collection or giving someone special a gift, now would be a great time to visit the Women's Gift page at Giftkone.

Giftkone News written by Hank Gray