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I'm Hank Gray founder of Giftkone dot com, a web-based computer game accessory gift store. I offer Gifts, Collectibles, and a variety of other useful Home and Office items along with tons of specials, bargains, and coupons to keep your saving high and Giftkone prices low.

I had previously worked in the Science and Engineering field at the Stanford Linear Acceleration Center, currently SLAC National Lab. Due to unfortunate circumstance (budgetary-cut-backs) I was laid off when my Day shift Supervisor position was eliminated. After a while I subsequently hired myself.

Along the way, I learned about Web-site building and design and headed out onto the Internet in search of Location, Location, and Location---while at the same time trying not to become roadkill on the Information Super Highway. I started to use the education I absorbed about online business operations and pooling all of the unpleasant experience I personally have had with other online businesses (poor product description and information, slow or NO customer service) I set out to do my best to make sure that my business didnít have those kinds of problems.

I take pride in providing a good/positive experiences to each of my customers. My goal was to provide an internet shopping place, with plenty of interesting items, where folks could shop from the comfort of their home and have the item they select delivered right to their door or sent as a gift to someone they know. I had no idea there would be so many store fronts in cyberspace. So if you found your way to my site thanks! Your feedback is always helpful and welcome. Iím always updating my website so if you donít see anything you like this visit, please check back often, especially if youíre a collector. Thank you for visiting my site.

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